FrePPLe is an Open Source Supply Chain Planning Software that generates advanced planning, beyond the ERP transactions:

  • Statistical forecast calculation based on historical demand

  • Advanced calculations of safety stocks and reorder quantities

  • Finite capacity planning and scheduling

  • Dynamic and smart handling of constraints

  • Demand prioritization and constrained supply allocation


The high valued technology of frePPLe offers more than an ERP!

  • Get rid of the copy-pasting between Excel spreadsheets and enhance planner productivity

  • Easily manage multiple plans and compare them with what-if scenarios

  • Integrate in your landscape using our APIs, or use the packaged connectors for Odoo or Openbravo (Google Cloud Platform)

  • Customize! Add your own custom fields, reports and planning algorithm

With frePPLe, manage your production planning, inventory planning and demand forecasting!
Start now an online demo to get seduce by the solution:

  frePPLe demo

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