Software Engineer III [E3]

13/Feb/2020 04:22:16

Founded in 1997, Port Cities offers a range of IT solutions and corporate services to companies that trade products with Asia.

We understand East and West, talk your language and are committed to contribute to deploy our Western customers in Asia as well as leverage our local customers with European technologies and business excellence.

We understand International Trade, Supply Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing, and e-Commerce in a local Asian context and can support it with “best in class” products and services in Asia.

  • A powerful analysis. We first analyze the needs and prepare a solution proposal. We deliver a business case, a project plan, methodology, timeline and budget.

  • An agile execution. To optimize the lead time and cost, we work by phases. We usually build a prototype and then a minimum viable product to deploy.

  • Your business, our project! We work side by side with you, making both parts equally responsible for the project success.

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Software Engineer III [E3]

Software Engineer III should be able to understand a functional requirement and fully lead the development effort, alone or with a team of junior engineers. In general he/she is responsible for delivery of final application to our customers in top quality and on time.


  • Keep learning to become a functional and technical expert in Odoo.

  • Communicate directly with the project manager or senior engineer to understand the functional needs and design a technical solution.

  • Write technical requirements and submit feature requests.

  • Breakdown work and delegate simple tasks.

  • Code and deliver high quality.

  • Review code and manage git repository.

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  • Object oriented programming logic.

  • SQL knowledge.

  • Python.

  • Read and write in English.

  • S1 graduate in Computer Science.

  • Solid technical knowledge with Odoo.

  • Willingness to learn.

  • Willingness to code and solve difficult problems.

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What's Great in the Job?

  • Young and dynamic collective

  • Great for people that desire independence and responsibility for their task

  • Possibility to be promoted periodically

  • You will gain overview of inner workings of various businesses

Appraisal twice a year

Coach, Quarterly appraisals.

12 days/year paid leave,paid sick leave

12 days/year, Paid sick leaves.

Free Lunch, Free coffee/tea/water

Free lunch, Free water/coffee/tea.

Satrio Tower Building 12th Floor, Jl. Prof.Dr.Satrio, Jakarta, Indonesia

Karangrejo Tengah 2, Semarang City.