Software Engineer Support Department

Semarang, Indonesia

     Job Description

  • Review the code and ensure its stability, reliability and performance.

  • Analyze the issues, errors, and debugging.

  • Train and coach more junior Support Engineers; if you already have sufficient experience.

  • Design strong technical solutions based on the issue analysis.

  • Develop and manage well-functioning databases and applications.

  • Build scalable and robust API's and systems.



  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science/IT/Maths/Physics/Engineering.

  • Various level of experience as a Developer or working within a Technical/Customer Support team.

  • Experience with Odoo or other ERP systems.

  • Knowledge of Python, JavaScript & XML, and JavaScript framework backbone.js.

  • Knowledge of REST API, code version tools (e.g., Git), and Database (PostgreSQL is preferred).

  • Relevant OS knowledge (Linux, Unix, Windows...) and experience.

  • Be self-driven and capable of teaching yourself new technologies/systems/ features with little guidance.

  • Have good leadership skills and experience in managing a team (for Senior Roles). 

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Ability to communicate effectively in English, with good verbal and written skills.

  • Passionate  for working in Support, assisting customers and being a team player.

  • Strong attention to detail, analytical and problem-solving abilities

Junior level

The junior level position is currently open.

Medior level

The medior level position is currently open.

Senior level

The senior level position is currently open.

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Send us your CV

Send us your CV with information about your skills, past work experience & relevant project experience.


Behavioral Interview

Our HR team will invite you for a behavioral interview to determine, how you deal with different situations.

Functional Test

You will be given a functional test via email to  assess whether you possess the necessary knowledge & skillset. 


You will meet our hiring manager, who will engage with you & ask you about your motivations and experience. 

Job Offer

After successfully passing all the aforementioned steps, we will get back to you with a job offer to join our group team.

1st Day of Work

Your coach & team leader will guide you through company rules, policies & explain all further details.

Global Environment

Our team has branches in 10 countries and you can meet colleagues of 15+ different nationalities!

Career Growth

Twice a year, we assess the skills, performance & knowledge of our team and revise the wage, if applicable.

Regular Training

You will get assigned your own coach who makes sure that you have proper training & knowledge for your job.

Constant Learning

You will meet customers of different industries, backgrounds & sizes. There is a lot of learning opportunities.

Extra Benefits


Your salary package depends on your performance - the more time you spend working on our customers projects, the more bonuses you get.


We collaborate with a catering company to provide good & tasty lunch, snacks & coffee for our Port Citizens. 


If you work an extra day or you handled a go-live or an urgent issue with a customer, you get an extra compensatory day off!

Why Port Cities?


In Vietnam, we have a team consisting of 5 different nationalities. Our common language is English and it is a great place to practice & speak it on a daily basis.


We always strive to learn new technologies, to improve our skills & to make sure we are up to date with our knowledge in order to be great consultants.


We have a very open & honest company culture and we enjoy spending time together - be it a karaoke night, running a marathon, or just enjoying good food & drinks!

Your future colleagues 

Company team

Reynaldi, Software Engineer

" I work for Port Cities for almost four years. My official position within the company is two: Senior Software Engineer and Junior Engineering Manager as well. I will not deny, that it is sometimes challenging, especially when there is some deadline. But it is also really entertaining and useful. I am starting to love my job because it brings various benefits.  Moreover, my colleagues are friendly, nice, and supportive and I am also lucky to have great managers and coaches, who are always willing to give me a hand.  Thanks to all of them I can develop my skills."

Company team

Franck, Software Engineer

" After working a couple of years in a startup, I joined Port Cities as a Solution Engineer. Everyday work in Port Cities is challenging and at the same time exciting, as we work on various business cases from all around the world. The team is composed of people from over 15 different nationalities creating a nice mix of cultures. Port Cities management value a lot the autonomy, the self-responsibility and the flexibility which creates a perfect atmosphere to work and self-development & improvement."

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