Accounting Indonesia

Handle your Account and invoices in an easy way.

Automated Processes

All data about your expenses & revenues at the same place

Friendly User Interface

Allows you to automatically create invoice, tax reports, etc


Reporting of your finance state, expenses, revenues, and taxes in a few clicks


Increase awareness of your revenues and expenses by having a greater control over supplier’s invoices and getting a clear forecast of your future bills to pay.

Save time automating reconciliation and creating your earnings report, balance sheet or cash flow statement in just a few clicks.

Multi Branch Accounting

Facilitate the production of financial statements by standardizing the chart of accounts while having individual analytic accounts and reports for each branch.


Reduce your time spent on accounting activities by automating and simplifying your accounting processes. Generate, export, and validate all documents for E-Faktur.

Manage your invoices properly

Create sharp & professional invoices and follow the track of your customer's payments by automating follow ups and invoicing electronically.


Automate your finance and focus on yor core business. This app is 100% alligned with legislation needs according to Indonesian & Malay law


Create clean invoices, follow your customer's payments and manage recurring bills just in a few clicks

Odoo Accounting (Tour)

Check how you can easily save time and limit human errors.