Batch Feature  


Print automatically each sale order: print invoice, print shipping note, print the Batch paper (if batch feature is enabled). If the Autoprint feature is selected, then the printing step can be avoided because Odoo will do it automatically.

  • If the BATCH feature is selected, then the autoprint function will print all the documents, with an additional Batch paper, every 20 orders received and synchronized from Lazada (20> Quantity can be edited)

  • If the Scan to RTS is used, the provider is selected automatically to the default provider.

Batch System

Find batch menu on Lazada Batch Order  Batch Code.

Screenshot from 2016-04-04 10:25:52.png

If you want to delete some order in batch code, you can open batch code form view with click batch code list view. To remove order form batch code click “Delete” button beside order list. Button appear only when order status still on pending.

To add manually in batch code you can go to Lazada → Orders → Pending. (See picture below) Click on column batch in order pending list view, Then fill batch number.

Screenshot from 2016-04-04 10:49:00.png

 Set RTS Batch 

This procedure allows you to set  all the orders from one batch in RTS state in only one operation.

  • Proceed with the same process as “2. Set RTS”

  • Go to menu Lazada → Scan Order → Scan Batch Order

  • When the wizard shows up, click Add an item

Screenshot from 2016-03-04 10:42:53.png

  • Use the scanner device to scan the Barcode of the Batch and then click on Set RTS.