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Google Sheet Integration

Real time integration with Odoo, flexibility and easy to modify by end user, good visualization (from Google Sheet)


   A comprehensive data integration and business analytic platform.

Excel Library for Python

Integrated inside Odoo, easy to build. To process large amount of data and complex query

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Dynamic Google Sheet Report

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Real-time integration report with Odoo

You can directly synchronize your report from Odoo to Google Sheet, so that you get information you need all in one report. Complete, real-time, just refresh.  


More Complete with Graphics on Excel Report

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Make it clear with Graphics/Chart

The customization allows you to have a detail report with any kind of chart or graphics on it.


Simplify Purchase Process with Pentaho Purchase Order Report 

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Make your own PO and send directly to supplier

Pentaho report give you an easy way to have your own report, even you can directly send your PO to your supplier. Easy, fast, and effective!