Design a beautiful website to represent your company

All in one

All data about your sales, accountings, inventories and online e-commerce at one place

Automated Processes

Easy design your website and customize your product pages to give a better online experience to your customers.

Save Time

Automate your business processes.

Optimization of your Marketing

Boost your sales by automatically recommending products to your customer's and allowing them to pay online. This package offers art recovery, cross selling and upselling opportunities on product pages, in cart or at checkout

Build a Website

It provides an easy, mobile and open source Odoo app for your enterprise to build your website and adapt it to your compay's and customer's needs.

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Total traceability

This package allows you to automate the cutting-edge from your online sales order and adjust automatically the stocks for each confirmed order on the website. Maximize your control by tracking any stock from purchase to delivery and manage your warehouse using the platform.


Follow your sales opportunities online, send clear and complete quotations to them and convert quotations into sales orders in only few clicks. With the enterprise version, it is also possible to use a e-signature on NDAs, contracts or any pdf document.


Create your electronic invoices directly from the sales order taking into account the delivered orders, contracts or any other important information. You'll also be able to easily follow up the status of those invoices and the payment method selected.

With this e-commerce integrated platform

inventory and sales are up-to-date all time via automatic stock adjustment. This app helps you also to improve your customer's online experience by maintaining its data organized through customer portals. Give to your clients an easy access to download invoices and delivery orders


Create an attractive, mobile, and easy website. Custom your product pages


Automate the stock adjustment in your warehouse and facilitate the processes from online sales orders to shipment


Turn Quotes into invoices with minimal effort. Manage easily your invoices and check their status


Sell more by sending polished quotations with online payment

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