Employee expenses

Easy way to input and validate expenses

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Input your expenses

Each employee with user (login) can input his expenses.

1. Product - Used by accounting to track expense type, should be selected carefully. Products "flight" or "taxi" will track expenses as "traveling expenses" while product "phone credit" or "fax fees" will track as "office expenses". 

2. Unit price - Set the price before tax.

Other field should be automatic.

To input someone else expense, simply change the employee.

Submit to Manager

Once all is checked, submit your expenses to your manager.

Your manager will see his list of expenses from "Expenses / To Approve" menu.

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Approve & Post Journal Entries

Your manager approve the expenses from "Expenses / To Approve" menu.

Then accountant will Post Journal Entries. This will automatically write the following entries:

- Debit the Product Expenses account.

- Credit the Payable Account.

- Use Employee "home address" field as partner. 

Pay & reconcile

There is now an open Payable for this employee.

The cashier will pay from bank or cash then reconcile the Payable as any other Supplier Invoice.

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Configure products

One time configuration

Can be expensed - should be checked to be used in expenses

Expense account - will be debit by the accounting entry

Internal category - if expenses account is not set, the Expense account of Internal category is used instead

Tips: to differentiate Direct costs (project) from Operations expenses, create 2 expenses products. "Travel COGS" and "Travel expenses" . Train your staff!

Tips2: from product list, use Advance filter "Can be expensed" = True to find all the expense products.