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Your e-CRM Solution For Your Events


  All-in-one business solutions for e-Event Management up to 5 solutions to keep your business very competitive.

 Our “a la carte” solutions, ranging from event management to e-marketing, can be selected individually depending on your need. However, the all is seamlessly integrated to make it super easy to use and to provide powerful analytics for boosting your brand image and operational performance. 


A la Carte


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  • A complete management tool for creating and integrating all your events under one same sytem. The event management will analyse, propose, and organise for you the best moments to build your events. If your business is event-oriented, this application will definetely help you succeed in attaining your goals. Thanks to the Odoo integration, the events are easily modifies and changeswithin its ecosystem, as well as linked with the other apps you will want to adopt.
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Website Event

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  • Nothing is more important for an event than communication. Thanks to the "Website Event" app, we develop a website customized for your needs in order to solidify the online presence of your event. This website is the window every future customer will have on your event so is a crusial functionality.


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  • Once you go online, the need to manage all the new customers become extremely high. Customers are the most important assets of your company. Best be sure to integrate them in an practical and complete CRM ( Customer Relationship Management) system. We develop this CRM system integrated in Odoo which will help you perfectly in this task.


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  • Benefits from your integrated CRM data to promote your brand through targeted apps, e-mail marketing and other 2.0 solutions


Shop Trend Analysis
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  • An Odoo integrated app that will allow your business to track and analyse the exact number of participants to your event. This allows you to make reports and accordingly decisions to optimize future events. Maximize sales by capturing the right moment with the right number of customers. 


Business Benefit

  • Improve your overall event strategy using insightful information on your customers profiles!
  • Understand your customer by analyzing their behaviour on the events and online.
  • Stronger online presence and visibility to acquire more customers.
  • A perfect targeted opening to the world thanks to a clever mix between custom website and e-marketing.
  • Engage your existing participants and maximize revenue thanks to targeted e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • Better organised events thanks to an integrated process.
  • A powerful tool to manage all your events easily at once and compare through intuitive reporting.



This solution is offered by Port Cities and Idealis Consulting.


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