Deliver on time

Correctly plan your production and stock levels to be able to deliver all the goods to your customers.

Improve productivity

Good planning is a crucial first step to efficient and productive processes & company.

Automate your processes

Do not copy-paste from multiple spreadsheets, have all the data in one professional system.

Plan your production & inventory, forecast demand


FrePPLe is an advanced tool, which can be fully customized to the needs of every company.
It can be easily connected with Odoo and you can fully use the potential of both ERP and FrePPLe.

Demand forecasting: Accurate forecasts are cornerstone for all planning processes. FrePPLe uses advanced algorithms to provide the most accurate forecasts.

Inventory planning: FrePPLe computes the stocks, raw materials, intermediate products and end products to help with reducing the inventory costs.

Production planning: FrePPLe helps you to generate finite-capacity production plans and schedules. It helps you to improve the resource utilization and to improve the on-time and quality delivery of your products.

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