All  in  One Manufacturing  

Manufacturing (Odoo) + Costing (Odoo) + Production & Inventory Planning (frePPLe) + Demand Forecasting (frePPLe)

Manufacturing Reinvented

A modern solution to an old problem

No More Time Clocking

Get accurate planning directly based on real manufacturing times measured on the workcenter control panel.

Realtime Communication

Display worksheets during operations, show alerts to workers based on quality or changes, etc.


MRP, Quality, Maintenance, and PLM fully integrated

Shop Floor Automation

Capture data in real-time from your equipment using the API

Improve Production Efficiency

Markets change rapidly – can you adapt?

Manufacturers are constantly challenged to improve their production efficiency in order to meet the market's ever changing demands and to stay ahead of competition.

FrePPLe offers an advanced planning and scheduling system that helps you create a lean manufacturing infrastructure with streamlined processes in a user friendly software solution.

Planning processes have a direct impact on your business, and the business benefits of a good planning tool are very tangible.

Business Benefit

Maximize equipment utilization -  Improve material efficiency -  Reduce order delivery time

Improve order delivery accuracy -  Reduce set-up time


Advanced Planning and Scheduling

  Synchronised planning of material, capacity and personnel

  Traditional unconstrained MRP plans are not realistic, and only work when excess stock, capacity and lead time are used.

  Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) systems generate plans which consider all constraints simultaneously.

FrePPLe generates a material and capacity feasible plan that maximizes the on-time delivery of the demand.

The operations are planned just-in-time to meet the demand, minimizing delivery delays, cost and intermediate inventory.



Theory of constraints

Plan around the bottlenecks

FrePPLe dynamically recognizes bottleneck resources and materials.

Non-critical resources are planned to match the pace of the bottleneck.


Pull-based Planning

Focus on the Customer Demand

Meeting the customer demand is your business goal – not keeping the resources busy.

FrePPLe’s planning algorithm propagates customer demand through the production stages. Pull-based planning based on customer signals avoids overproduction and allows waiting delays to be reduced to a minimum.

FrePPLe recognizes demand priorities and allocates constrained supply to the most important demands. The allocation will be dynamically recomputed when demand and supply are changing.

Rich Modelling Capabilities

Accurately model your manufacturing processes

Whether you work in a make-to-stock, make-to-order or a configure-to-order environment, Frepple takes in account your manufacturing facilities, business rules and constraints.

Your model can be easily be reconfigured to meet changing market conditions without major interruptions in your planning process.

Modelling functionality:

  • Constrained and unconstrained planning mode
  • Backward and forward scheduling modes
  • Fixed and variable operation times
  • Order prioritization
  • Minimum, maximum and multiple batch sizes
  • Alternate operations, resources and materials
  • Date effective material and capacity usage
  • Availability calendars
  • Assembly coordination
  • Pegging from raw material to demand
  • Resource setup matrices
  • Resource skills
  • Co-products
  • Time-based and quantity-based safety stocks
  • Different procurement policies

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