HR package

Smart solutions for handling your HR

All information at one place

All information about your employees, their expenses, leaves & payroll in one system!

Up-to-date with legislation

Odoo HR apps are adjusted to Indonesian's law, so you can be sure you are doing the payroll right!

Save time

Odoo HR apps allow you to significantly save your time as well as your staff's.

Ready-made package

We prepared a ready-made package of HR apps for you!
You will not need to use spreadsheets ever again for tracking the leaves of your employees, compute their payslips manually or insert their expenses in the system twice.
Everything is integrated within your ERP. Even E-Fakthur documents are automatically updated, your HR team will only have to send them!


Store and access information about your employees easily in a few clicks.


Manage your employees' leaves. Everything done digitally!


Approve expenses on-line, store the bills digitally and connect them with accounting automatically.


Creating payslips & tax reports fast, efficiently, digitally and in accordance with Indonesian legislation has never been easier.