Customer Invoice

Issuing Invoice


                          As a company, you have to issue invoices:
                          • before a service/product delivery (advance payment),
                          • during the delivery in case of long-term services/projects,
                          • after the delivery (balance).

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                          Understand the workflow

                          • Sales Order is validated, and ready to Invoice

                          • To create Invoice, simply click on button 'Create Invoice' on Sales Order

                          • After Draft Invoice is generated, validate invoice by click on validate invoice

                          • Print validated invoice

                          • Send invoice to customer

                          • After payment is received, reconcile the payment with the Invoice


                          To set Invoicing Process,
                          Go to Settings > Configurations > Sales


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                          Invoice Sales Order

                          Once quotations are validated, it will become sales order. Then, draft invoices are created based on the sales order. Use a button 'Create Invoice' on the sale order to trigger the draft invoice

                          Invoice before delivery is usually used by the eCommerce application when the customer pays at the order and deliver afterwards. (pre-paid)

                          For most other use cases, it's recommended to invoice manually. It allows the salesperson to trigger the invoice on demand with options: invoice the whole order, invoice a percentage (advance), invoice some lines, invoice a fixed advance.

                          This process is good for both services and physical products.

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                          Invoice Delivered Quantity

                          Retailers and usually invoice based on delivery orders, instead of sales order. This approach is suitable for businesses where the quantities you deliver may differs from the ordered quantities: foods (invoice based on actual Kg).

                          This way, if you deliver a partial order, you only invoice for what you really delivered. If you do back orders (deliver partially and the rest later), the customer will receive two invoices, one for each delivery order.


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                          Down Payment

                          A Manufacturing order will also trigger the creation of the order when it is fully paid. If you allow paying orders by check or wire transfer, Odoo only creates an order and the invoice will be triggered once the payment is received.


                          Accounting Entries

                          is a record of transactions ordered by date that should be noted in accounting journal.

                          Accounting date

                          Is the date used in journal entry, usually use the invoice date and the date when transaction is occurred.


                          Is the payment we receive from the customer, and will be inputted in journal entry to reconcile the unpaid Invoice. After reconciled, Invoice status will change from open to paid.


                          Due Date

                          Is the term of the maximum time the payment can be done by the customer. Due date can be used to control invoice that is not yet paid.