Odoo - more than ERP

The only IT system your company needs

Open source

Thousands of developers working on making Odoo the best ERP system every day

Integrated apps

Multiple different apps, the same source of data

Up-to-date with legislation

Odoo apps are up-to-date with legislation in Indonesia, Malaysia & Vietnam

Odoo for every company

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system does not need to be expensive and complicated. The simpler your business is, the less complicated and less expensive your ERP system will be. Whether you are small, growing, family business or a large enterprise with thousands of clients, there is a necessity to digitize your business processes in order to allow further growth.
The advantage of Odoo is that you can just use the modules which your business needs - be it just e-commerce, CRM, human resources and sales; or if you are a production company, you can use inventory, manufacturing & purchases.

Integrated solution for your growth

Odoo has more than 500 modules to support your business processes with the high flexibility to customize Odoo to your best practices. Odoo combines all the needed functions in one software.
Whether you need to handle your accounting, inventory, logistic, manufacturing, sales, human resources or build your website, Odoo is the right tool to do so. You input your data once and use it across multiple functions and save your time & resources.
Since Odoo is a cloud-based solution, you can access your data anytime from anywhere. Running a business in Indonesia and Malaysia has never been easier than it is with Odoo.

Sales, Marketing & E-commerce

Generate the leads and turn them into customers. Design stunning websites & e-shops, collect e-mail addresses, use CRM and create sales orders. Invoices are then just 1 click away!


Material requirements planning (MRP), maintenance, product lifecycle management (PLM) and quality control as one, integrated solution. Digitize your manufacturing process.


Ensure that the project management is handled properly and track your employees that they are spending their time on meaningful tasks. Timesheets, project management tool and more others will help you to raise your productivity.

Supply chain & Logistics

Efficient management of your stocks, suppliers and purchase orders has never been easier. Save your time and capacity & distribute more goods.


Do you want to do your accounting in-house? Then you need an easy and reliable tool, which is adjusted to law & regulations in Indonesia.

Human Resources

If you have more than a few employees, handling payroll, leaves & expenses can become a time-consuming process. Automate it with Odoo and save your time as well as the time of your employees!

Frequently asked questions about Odoo

Odoo is fully customizable for businesses of any type and size. When you compare it with other solutions which are available in the market, Odoo is much cheaper than any other solution with the same functionalities.

We also prepared a detailed comparison of 4 ERP systems (Odoo, SAP, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics), which can help you understand the basic differences in functionalities, pricing and hosting.