Methodology & pricing


We first analyse the needs and prepare a solution proposal. We usually deliver a business case, a project plan and budget, as well as a product.

Agile execution

To optimize the lead time and cost, we work by phase. We usually build a prototype and then a minimum viable product to deploy.

Time based

We work time based side by side with the customer, making both parts equally responsible for the project success.

Typical Odoo deployment



Our team helps you define your needs, formalize your project, draw the scope and requirements and prepare the planning and budget.

10-20% of total payment after project Analysis.

Agile Execution

Our team of expert takes in charge the development and configuration, write the documentation and training material, and prepare the deployment with you (data migration and risk management). 

55-70% of total payment after User Acceptance Test. 


Our experts stay available to support your team and resolve your potential issues (within the project scope).

20-25% of total payment after 2 weeks of live.

Consulting & Development Services

To support internal IT team or service to other ERP integrators

Development services

We offer developer on demand to adjust workflow, report and keep you update to date with your legal and business requirements

Process Design

Specify the process and create beautiful documentation.


On-site or on-call we have functional support, technical expert and business constultants.

Traveling Costs

Transporation costs are paid by the customer. We usually define a fix rate per project or per week/month. 

Staff Transfer

By collaborating, Port Cities and its customer commit not to retain any employee without formal agreement. 

Professional Conduct - Port Cities Commitment

Port Cities holds all its employees, staff, and subcontractors to a high ethical and moral standard.  We deem our customer’s information and business dealings to be confidential.  We demand from all our employees, staff, and sub-contractors strict adherence to confidentiality.  Port Cities takes full responsibility to ensure its activities due not risk the confidentiality of our customers.  This commitment is limited to information which is not public domain.  

Further, Port Cities makes a second commitment to safeguard customers from negative consequences to its data or IT infrastructure which is an outcome created on purpose or in error by any Port Cities employee, staff or subcontractor.  Port Cities commits to immediately disclose to company's director if ever there is a breach of this commitment and commits to directly partake in and support with any and all corrective actions, where Port Cities is found to have contributed to or influenced such negative consequences/outcomes.