Workflow & system design

Design workflow and user process

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Process documentation

Starting from the current process, we model "as-is" and "should-be" scenari.

We use BPMN standards for the main flows and internal conventions for specific purpose (stock flows modeling, accounting table).

For each process we write user story and then scenario.
- User story  describes  the user needs.
- Scenario  describes  the solution: how the user will interact with the newly built system.

User interface, report and technical design

Before setting up a new process or workflow, we define draft UI, Sketch and layout.

To insure high quality design, (when relevant) we prepare high level diagram of the object and data models. Particularly when the new workflow changes fundamental system components such as Stock, Accounting, Product definition, Procurement, ...

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Documentation for end-users

We focus on what users need to know. We focus on answering all the potential questions.

We keep it simple and short.

We explain the context, purpose and system behavior when relevant.

Don't explain everything the user do, explain only what the user needs to know, what is not obvious.

You don't need to explain to write the product name when they create a new product.

You do need to explain the accounting impact of Internal Category for products. 

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