Product Creation for Lazada

Before create product on Seller Center Lazada from Odoo, we need to synchronize the field such as brand, category, color family, type, and etc between Lazada Seller Center and Odoo

Once we finish create product, it will update automatically on Lazada Seller Center 

Follow the step below to start create the product in Lazada Seller Center from Odoo, easily 

Create Product 

Step 1 is Login to Odoo  

Step 2  is to click on  Add a Product,  then you will see new window consist of information you need to put about the product. 

Screenshot from 2016-06-06 13:33:48.png

Step 3 is to fill the information. Choose the category. User cannot create new and or edit current category, so does when choosing Seller Center and brand. Choose the option that already available. Select product category, make sure you select the last child product category. Example category : Mobiles & Tablets / Mobiles / Smartphones , its correctbecause this category not have child category. Category : Mobiles & Tablets / Mobiles , its wrong because this category have child category (Smartphones)

Step 4 Complete all the information about the product. Users are not allowed to create new brand, color family and so does for the category. It already synchronized with Seller Center so, user only need to choose the right brand, category, and color family based on the option available there. Put all of the information on each tab (More Product Details, Product Pricing, Images)

Screenshot from 2016-06-06 13:34:07.png

Step 5  Select tab product pricing. F ill all field needed. Click “Add an item” to create product variant details.

Screenshot from 2016-06-06 13:34:27.png

Step 6 S elect tab “seller center” to choose in which account you want to upload product. You can select multi account

Screenshot from 2016-06-06 13:34:49.png

Step 7 S elect tab image to add product image. Then finish it by clicking button Submit and Finish

Screenshot from 2016-06-06 13:35:03.png