Raise the productivity of your employees with smart apps

Keep track of the progress

Be informed about the progress of your projects and the activities of your employees every day.

Get interesting data

Collect answers and data from your customers and employees as well.

Be profitable

Quality information and good forecasts will help you manage your company more sustainably.

Have more work done in less time

Do you want to improve productivity in your company?
Then you should definitely think about Odoo Productivity modules.
They help you to track your employees and thanks to timesheets, you know on which tasks they spend their time. You can easily assign tasks and see their progress in project management module. You can automate your meeting scheduling system with Odoo appointments, which can be synchronized with your Google Calendar.
Do you want to regularly check knowledge of your employees, to be sure they are professionals in what they do?
Then Odoo surveys can be a very useful tool for you, which automatically matches the answers to the employee and you got the results within a few minutes.


Track the time of your employees and help them to track it as well. It takes just a few clicks and a few seconds, but it helps your company identify activities of your employees and to invoice their time to the customers.


Surveys are a good solution if you need to a ask few questions to your clients, or to check the knowledge of your employees. The answers are automatically collected at the client/employee profile and you can evaluate the results quickly.

Project Management

Have clear overview about the projects in your company. Create tasks, assign them to your employees, check their work, track the progress and complete your projects within budget and on time!


Arrange scheduling of the appointments effectively.
Let your clients choose from your free time slots, provide them information and get it synchronized with your Google Calendar, simple as that!

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Make your employees more productive with Odoo!