Auto-send Report and Minimum Stock Alert

Daily Report (Automation)

Configure daily report to send automatically a daily sales report at the end of the day to one or multiple assigned users by email.

  • Go to Lazada → Configuration → Auto Send Configuration

  • Click button Create

Screenshot from 2016-03-04 16:17:10.png

  • Fill name report.

  • Check “is a active” to activate

  • In tab report select “Sales Report”

  • Select tab “Recipient” to add receipient, then click “Add an item”

Screenshot from 2016-03-04 16:22:20.png

  • Click Save

Minimum Stock Reminder

This feature sends an automated e-mail to any person configured in the app. If available stock equal or less than minimum stock, system will send email to remind user to update the stock. 

  • To configure this feature you can go to Inventory>Inventory Control>Stock Reminder.

  • Add product and set minimum stock per product.

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  • Go to Inventory  →  Configuration  →  Email Receipent to set who will be receipt email .

  • Click “Create” button to add new receipent.

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