Sales, Marketing & E-commerce

Attract your potential customers & convert your leads to clients

Are you using Hubspot, Trello, Wordpress, Mailchimp, Magento or Zendesk?

With Odoo, you can have all these functions. Just one software. Fully integrated.

Odoo sales, marketing & e-commerce tools help you to find and close deals fast and easily. Forget about difficult and time-consuming integration of many marketing & sales tools. All Odoo apps work very well together. They help you to cover wide range of marketing and sales activities.
You need to create a website? Odoo can manage it well, with blog, live chat and events! If you want to sell your products on-line, you can very easily create a great e-shop with Odoo E-commerce.
Cold e-mail campaigns and newsletters were never simpler. Odoo e-mailing app can handle both and you will never need to pay for growing your database of contacts again. Did you contact client personally? Store details about your clients, as well as previous communication in Odoo Customer relationship managmenet (CRM).
Track your leads with Sales app from Odoo, set targets and fulfill them! Then create invoices just in few clicks. Do you manage a shop or a restaurant? Then Odoo Point of sale (PoS) is an ideal solution for you, which allows you to create orders, bills, split them and automatically connect with your accounting.


Manage your leads and close more deals. Odoo CRM lets you schedule activities, track their results and provides accurate forecasts based on data collected.


Reduce data entry and create professional quotations and sales orders with minimum effort. Sales app makes sure your team know their sales targets.

Point of Sales (POS)

Whether you own a store or a restaurant, powerful software to handle the orders and payments is needed. PoS has integrated inventory management, which is very handy!


Make your invoicing simple and fast. Create professional invoices in few seconds and send the data directly to your accounting app!

Website Builder

Build a stunning website with Odoo website builder. Use our WYSIWYG editor and forget about coding. Launch your own blog, on-line chat & collect e-mail addresses!


Sell your goods and services on-line with Odoo e-commerce. You do not need to be a webdesigner to build an amazing e-shop as you were one.

Mass Mailing

Convert your leads into customers with well-executed automatized e-mail campaigns - Odoo can help you both with cold e-mail sales and e-mail marketing - newsletters.

Project Management

Distribute the tasks to your team to get sure everything gets done on time. Project management app can make sure that your employees will always know their tasks and responsibilities.

Odoo Marketing (Tour)

Look how you can manage your sales & marketing easily! it is!