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As the largest Odoo partner in Asia, we are happy to team up with you building your business. 

What we do for you as your consultant:

  • Our Business Analyst will analyze your business flow and give suggestion how Odoo can help your company to boost the company growth.
  • We help to install and synchronize Odoo software with your data, and do the customization on Odoo based on what your company needs.   
  • We make the best of your investment on Odoo by providing our best consultant to train your employees on using Odoo as well as handling the thread such as fixing bugs and error.

The 5 reasons to team up with us 

Port Cities is the trusted partner you need to leverage your business

With its decade year of experience and more than 100 Odoo experts, Port Cities is the #1 player in Asia. We have developed a great technical expertise as well as industry experience that leads us to offer the best Odoo services on the market. 

1. Flexible and large capacity

With over 100 Odoo consultants, we have the largest Odoo team in Asia, fully dedicated to Odoo projects.

We have the unique capability to deploy large Odoo team (on-site when needed) in days.

We do not require any commitment from our customers who pay us on an hour basis and avoid all risks and pain of finding, hiring, training (and losing) their  employees.

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2. Solid managers

Our team is overseen by qualified Project Managers, all post-graduated from leading European schools or with solid work experience. They have strong communication skills, use agile project management techniques, understand business needs and are committed to high quality standards. 

We internally assess our managers on their abilities to deliver quality on time on budget and to deliver value for our customers.

3. Wide range of experts

Our technical team primarily work on local implementation projects, which allowed to acquire a real technico-functional expertise on large Odoo integration.

Beside having professionals in Odoo technical side and all functional applications, our team also includes experts in Accounting, FInancial planning, Costing and accounting for manufacturing, Supply chain and production planning, Sales organization, Warehouse and operations, and e-commerce. 

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4. Best practice and methodology

Our developers follow best-practice of development defined by the Odoo Community Association guidelines and stay updated on latest development practices and products.
All our team is coordinated by our internal system (Odoo based!) and follow solid process and methology to deliver projects quickly under budget. 

5. Lean organization & ethics

We have built our main technical hub in Semarang, Central Java, in a very lean environment which gives us a clear cost advantage over the competition.

Despite our very competitive price, we pay our developers above average salary and fully take in charge a pension plan and health care insurance for our entire team. 

We take very seriously the comfort, well-being and personal development of our employees. We encourage skills development and offer professional training on a weekly basis.


At Port Cities, we are able to provide you the flexible capacity needed for your project. With the largest team of engineers and consultants, we will work on making the best of your project, and at the lowest price!

Port cities, as your trusted partner, will be your coach, expert, but mostly a complement to your team with on-demand resources.

Let's get started!

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