Lazada Start-up & Introduction

Step 1 is to configure your computer, printer and then open your browser (better user Chrome or Mozilla) and go to this page

You can directly edit your company information or do it later. 

Step 2 is to Create Shop. Creating shop is the first step to configure WMS, that will synchronize all data with Lazada directly into Odoo.

1. Go to: Lazada → Configuration → SellerCenters and click Create
2. Fill the fields: 

  • Give Name of your shop 

  • Give a Description, and picture if necessary

  • Enter URL Proxy of the Lazada Seller Center 

  • Enter your user ID

  • Enter you API Key 

  • Save and you are done

Get to Know: Menus of Basic Application

Step 3 is to get to know every information on the system. Once you are set-up, have a look at all different menus in the app. The top big menues are → Lazada

Each mene represents different application in the Odoo WMS Solution.

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Lazada Menu

  • Products: allows you to create and manage all your products and brands

  • Orders: helps you to manage all the different status of your orders in Lazada and have an easy overview of all your orders.

  • Scan Order: is a dedicated action menu where you can operate all the operations that need a scanner.

  • Configuration: let you change some behaviours of the Lazada application.


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  • Dashboard: the dashboard lets you easily manage your orders and check their status linked with Lazada.

  • Inventory Control: lets you manage all your products.whether they are allocated to Lazada or not, to create some reordering rules, as well as adjust your stock.

  • Schedulers: lets you run schedulers and reordering rules

  • Reports: Odoo gives you a powerful reporting tool that can generate different useful reports.

  • Configuration: let you change some behaviors of the Inventory application.

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The search function in Odoo lets you find any information on a very quick and easy way. In order, you can also use it quicker using  Filter Option    Use the Group By  to group all the data based on a specific attribute  and Favorite  to select some previous selected data as favorites


Odoo has principally 3 basic views: Kaban, List and Form:

Kaban View. This view gives a user friendly global view of all the contacts of your business with a summary of information.

List ViewThis view gives a classic global view of all the contacts/products/orders/etc. of your business with basic information

Form View. This view gives complete detailed information of each contact of your business.