Supply chain & logistics

Great WMS for your company.

Improve process times

Organize your warehouse better with smart double entry inventory system

Tracable stocks

Trace every stock anywhere in your supply chain

Automate your workflow

Automating purchase orders will make sure you will never get out of stock again.

Odoo Purchasing

Purchasing app helps you to make data-driven solutions in your procurement process. Choose your suppliers wisely based on their offers, available quantities, promotions and other criteria. Compare them easily!
Afterwards, automate your purchasing workflow. Send the requests for quotations automatically based on your current stock level.

Odoo Inventory

Keep track of all your warehouse activities - delivery orders, transfers, pending receptions, ...
Be all the time alerted when the items are back ordered or late.
Connect your inventory with barcode scanner and make the packing and distribution process much faster and efficient.

Odoo inventory (Tour)

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