Stock Control During Daily Operations (Simple) 

Check and Update Your Stock



Adjust Stock per Product

To be more simple, stock adjustment in Odoo can be done per product during your daily operation. In Odoo, it's possible to adjust the stock per product based on real quantity that you have in Warehouse. Changing the quantity of your product can be done from Product or from Inventory Control  Inventory Adjustment

Adjust quantity per product could be more easier because we can just directly go to Product info, select tab Inventory and Update the quantity based on the real quantity. Thus, Odoo gives you another way if you want to adjust more than 100 selection products, and do it one time. Inventory Control menu is the answer. There, you can create an adjustment, consist of several products that you want to adjust, input the quantity and just validate.  

Adjust Stock from Product List

Go to the Product Info that can be found on Warehouse menu. Choose the product that you want to change, choose tab Inventory and click Update

Choose the location of the product that want to adjust. Put the number of quantity of that product, and Apply.  

System will automatically update the quantity based on how many it inputted.  

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Periodical Stock Control - Mass Operations 

Check and Update Your Stock

Adjust Stock from Inventory Control

Go to the Inventory Adjustment that can be found on Warehouse menu. Click button Create to make an Inventory Reference. Put the name and choose the location that you want to adjust in Inventoried Location. Choose the type of product that you want to adjust; can be All Products, Manual Selection of Products, One Product Only.

Since you want only adjust several products, you can choose Manual Selection of Products and then input the product in Inventory Detail table. 

Put the new quantity in column Real Quantity and click Validate once you've done. System will automatically update all product list that are in the Inventory Details once at time.  

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Adjust Stock per Location

Instead of adjust per product, Odoo provide to adjust all the products per location one time. Go to Warehouse, Inventory Control  Inventory Adjustment. Except adjust per several product, on Inventory Adjustment you also able to adjust all product per location.

Choose the option All Product instead of Manual Selection of ProductsSave and then click on Start Inventory, wait untill all the product in location appear in Inventory Details, except those which has no quantity in that location (quantity 0). 

After that, you just need to update the quantity in column Real Quantity.

too long? too many?

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Do Export and Import for Faster Adjustment

If you have so many product and its not possible to put it one by one, you can just simply do an export and import.

First thing to do is to export the template after you create Inventory Adjustment. Save in csv format. 

Second thing to do is to input the product and new quantity in file you've exported, then import that file back to the system.

Multi Location Stock Control & Adjustment 

Check and Update Your Stock

Multi Location, Various Product, At the Same Time

Odoo provide easily adjust several product in several location at same time. If you have many location on your Warehouse and lot of products need also to be adjust, Multi Location Adjustment can be the solutions.

Start with go to menu Warehouse  → Physical Inventory. Create, then you just need to add location you have in the system, along with the product. 


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Click button Confirm Inventory. After that will display screen like this, and the adjustment done. Just that easy.