I am happy and motivated to come to work

I am satisfied with my communication to colleagues

I have learned new skills/knowledge since last semester

Goals I achieved last semester

Activities I am happy I did last semester

My most challenging issues for the last semester

Things I would like to see changes in PCS

What is my next goals? What do I want to improve or achieve?

What was my biggest contribution to PCS during last semester?

What is my expectation for myself in the upcoming 6 months

Expected salary

Why do you think deserve to get that level of salary?

Are you happy to work here? If not why? and what will makes you more happy to work here?

Are you comfortable with your current job? If not, could you share the reason?

About Semarang Office Facilities, can you mention all the things you want to have there to make you more comfortable work there?

What other activities you want to have in PCS which can boost your happiness?

Space for anything you would like to comment/advise/complaint/idea to make PCS Management much better?