2020 - Dept. Manager & Coach

Scoring Guidance

1    =    Belum mampu membina diri sendiri untuk melaksanakannya

2    =    Mampu membina diri sendiri untuk melaksanakannya, memiliki kemampuan untuk merespon, menindaklanjuti, mengaplikasikan kemampuannya

3    =    Mampu membina timnya/unit kerjanya, menganalisis permasalahan, menyusun rencana kegiatan, melakukan eksekusi dan pengendalian terhadap pelaksanaan kegiatan untuk meningkatkan kinerja timnya/unit kerjanya

4    =    Mampu membina unit kerja/departemennya, menyusun rencana dan melakukan tindakan strategis, mengevaluasi, dan menindaklanjuti hasil kegiatan untuk mengembangkannya

5    =    Mampu membina perusahaan, mendorong perubahan dalam perusahaan, serta mampu merumuskan rencana dan sasaran strategis jangka panjang terkait dengan visi dan misi perusahaan

1    =    Unable to foster oneself to do the job

2    =    Able to foster oneself to do the job, have the ability to respond, to followup, and to apply theirs

3    =    Able to foster his/her team/work unit, analyse the problems, prepare activity plans, execute and control the implementation to improve the performance of his/her team/work unit

4    =   Able to foster his/her team/work unit, prepare activity plans and take strategic actions, evaluate, and followup its result to improve his/her team/work unit

5    =    Able to foster the company, drives the change in company, and able to formulate long-term strategic plans and target related to the company's vision and mission

Work to meet standards set by management *

Determine and act in achieving the goals of his/herself and others *

Focus on improvement and development *

Optimizing the resource utilization and calculate the business risk *

Willing to discuss for getting the information on customer needs and adjust to the services provided *

Responsible in giving the service to customers *

Having a long-term view in handling customer needs or problems *

Giving added value in providing solutions for customers *

Proactively developt themselves *

Utilizing internal input, opening up to ideas for improving work performance *

Active in delivering and receiving the coaching for performance improvement *

Participate in internal and external training to improve knowledge and abilities *

Willing to accept the assignments given by the company *

Willing to obey to the companies rules and guidelines *

Prioritizing the company above personal interest *

Understand the need to cooperate for achieving greater organizational goals *

Do you think this Employee deserve to jump to the next level (e.g. E3,E4,E5,etc)? Explain the reason

Areas in which Employee are good at : *

Areas in which Employee are to be improved fast : *

Final Score : *

Comment/Suggestion from your final score *