Account Manager's Coach Appraisal

1. Customers taken care by the AM is happy of our service *

2. AM knows what to do to satisfy the customer *

3. AM delivers high standard document *

4. AM has the right behavior in front of customer *

5. AM Is able to take the right decision for the success of the relationship *

6. AM knows when he has to discuss the decision with his manager *

7. AM Takes always into account the customer perspective before to take his decision *

8. AM knows his priority and delivers according to it *

9. AM has the sense of emergency *

10. AM is able to respect the deadlines set *

11. AM knows his weakness and work on it *

12. AM has a clear personal development plan to follow in the company *

13. AM try to get his knowledge from different kind of channel that its manager (book, ted, article, webinar,...) *

14. AM can speak and write his mind precisely and can be understood by its interlocutor *

15. AM has a good relationship with the customers *

16. AM is proud and inform the others when he has successfully finished a job *

17. AM is able to congrat a colleague when this one has done a great job *

Final score *

Explanations of final score *