Accounting Test - Q1 2018

1. When a service company purchase furniture, the debit account generated by the vendor bill should be *

2. When employee want to get reimbursed a taxi that he already paid, the process that book the cost is *

3. When paying a vendor in advance for recurrent fees the best is to use *

4. To create a customer invoice automatically each month we should use *

5. When receiving money from a customer for a service that will be provide over a period of several month we should use *

6. The total debit equal total credit for *

7. The best practice to correct an invoice is using *

8. We can use the same Journal (Odoo) for several bank accounts *

9. We can create two Account (Odoo COA) for the same bank Account *

10. All banking transaction (debit and credit) should be input on the bank statement im Odoo *

11. A company can have 2 different journal for Customer Invoice *

12. If a company keep cash in 3 offices the best practice is to use only one cash journal *

13. Credit note and customer refund is the same thing in Odoo *

14. Journal Entry date will be equal to the invoice Due Date *

15. Account Receivable of the invoice is configured on the product category *