Admin appraisal Vietnam


this is an appraisal form for the Admin at Port Cities Vietnam.

It consists of 2 main topics:

  • Project Controlling (4 open questions)

  • HR & Accounting (10 open questions)

You have 60 minutes to complete this survey, plan your time wisely.

You cannot cooperate with anyone on this → using phone or Zalo is forbidden during this time.
Also, using Odoo demo on localhost or any other server is not allowed. You cannot check the playbooks during this time.

Good luck! 

What are the steps which needs to be taken to complete weekly reporting of real-time spent project? *

What are the most common mistakes PMs do in weekly reporting you need to be careful about? *

What is the difference in reporting between real-time spent projects & fixed price projects? *

When is the latest day to send the weekly reports to clients? *

Explain what is depreciation and why we use it? (write everything you know, expect long answer with examples) *

What is the correct thing to do, when you know you cannot finish your work on time? *

Can I select same partner on both Invoice and Vendor bill? Yes/No and why? *

What is DDL for monthly P&L and Balance Sheet closing? (what day of each month) *

What is the difference between "purple" & "blue" Odoo? *

What is the procedure to process & store a signed labour contract? *

When is the deadline for sending the salaries to employees? *

What is the standard reaction time for a newly received job application? *

What are the fields on employee/employee contract which must be filled in correctly in order that payslips will be correctly calculated in Odoo? *

When do you need to prepare a labour contract for an employee whose labour countract is expiring (probation & full time)? *