BA/engineer appraisal Vietnam


this is an appraisal form for Business Analysts & Developers at Port Cities Vietnam.

It consists of 3 main topics:

  • Project Methodology (5 open questions)

  • Odoo 13 functional (32 multiple choice questions, 5 open questions)

  • Odoo consulting (3 open questions)

You have 105 minutes to complete this survey, plan your time wisely.

You cannot cooperate with anyone on this → using phone or Zalo is forbidden during this time.
Also, using Odoo demo on localhost or any other server is not allowed. You cannot check the playbooks during this time.

Good luck! 

Name all project milestones *

When is Lock of Requirements considered as fully delivered? What are the deliverables to the customer? *

When is the deadline for purchasing Odoo Enterprise license for a customer? *

What are the integral parts of a functional requirement, which need to be completed in order it can be approved by a customer? *

Explain what is a prototype demonstration & what deliverables need to be ready in order it will be successful. *

How do you add followers for every newly created opportunity automatically? *

How do you add a new stage in a pipeline only for a specific sales team? *

Is it possible to set a different price for each product variant? *

Can you see a margin you make on a product directly on the SO? *

I want to deliver the first product that entered my stock instead of a random one on my next sale order. How can I do this? *

If I sell a product for 50€, what will be my profit with a cost of 20€ and a landed cost of 10€? *

During which step in the process (purchase to sale) do I have to register my serial numbers so they can be added to the inventory? *

How can I add an additional currency (such as USD) with which I want to issue invoices? *

Where is the costing method defined? *

Which concept should I use to make sure that the right taxes are used on an invoice related to the customer's country? *

If you want to figure out what is the turnover rate of your employees per last year, how can you get the information? *

When allocating the time-offs to employees, can you set that one day will be allocated on the 1st day of each month? *

What are the dependencies of Payroll App? *

Which HR apps are available in Odoo Community? *

I sold 10 hours of work for 150$ per hour. My employee has a timesheet cost of 50$ per hour. What will my project profitability be if my employee works alone on the project for 10 hours? *

How many levels of tasks do you have in Odoo? *

Can you automatically create forecast based on information saved on tasks? *

Is it possible to send an automatic message to the customer, in case he sends an ticket to Odoo? *

Which application helps you to track, whether you are following your SLA? *

How many productions steps can be set on 1 BOM? *

Which of following quality checkpoints are not part of default Odoo? *

What is a kit? *

Can you set custom URLs to your pages, blog posts & products? *

Can you send a recovery email when a cart is abandoned? *

Can you translate a website running on Odoo to other languages? *

What are the types of activities which Marketing Automation app can do? *

Odoo Social marketing app allows sending posts to different social media. Which ones? *

From Odoo 13, you can send push notifications to visitors of your website. To which app this functionality belongs? *

Is it possible to set purchase order approvals in default Odoo? *

How does Odoo handle purchasing discounts & promotions in the pricelists? *

What happens to the store which uses Odoo POS & an there is an internet cut off? *

Does Odoo control stock levels from POS app? *

What is a Purchase Agreement? What are the use cases when the customer might use them? *

What are the reordering rules? What do clients use them for? Where do you set them? *

Please explain the concept of Multi-company in Odoo. Why do the companies need it, what is the purpose? *

"Please explain the logic of the basic Odoo models in Accounting → journal entries, journal items, accounts. Based on what model/s & information do we get Balance Sheets? Based on which model do we get P&L report?" *

"What types of promotion programs are there in Odoo Sales app? Can you set up following promotions in default Odoo? If yes, how? - Buy 3kg of apples & get 1 kg of oranges free with your next order. - Make order for at least 100 USD, get a free shipping. - For every 1.000.000 VND spent get 10 loyalty points. - All customers who live in Vietnam get 10% discount with any order. - All female customers get a free flower with an order higher than 500.000 VND." *

Client has an e-shop on Odoo & sells goods to customers in Cambodia, Indonesia & Vietnam. He needs the prices to be shown in the local currency, if the visitor is from one of those 3 countries, and in USD, if the customer accesses from different country. How to achieve this? *

Customer wants to start using Odoo for recruitment, as they are receiving more 150 applicants for different positions every day. What are the best case practices to automate the recruitment process in Odoo the most? *

Customer is running a bakery. Some products he bakes himself, for some others he has suppliers. Usually, during the day, their stock are depleted several times, because they focus on selling fresh bakery both in their own store, but also they supply Lotte Mart. How to ensure, that Odoo will help him to start baking/ordering new products at the right time? How would you configure his/hers Odoo? *