Customer's satisfaction

Our project management is understood and followed by your internal team

Project Management is correctly followed, communicated and updated

The Project Manager understands the need of the customer

The Project Manager strictly follows the scope defined at the beginning of the project


Your project(s) were delivered on budget

The Project Manager informed you soon enough in case of budget update

The Project Manager has correctly updated the Sales Order and updated you in case of budget change


PCI delivers a project management and documents of quality

A bug in the production database never prevents you from doing your job


The employees of PCI have a precise and correct way of communicate

I always understand the message of PCI despite the complexity of the topic

PCI has a good sense of emergency and react to my issues quickly


PCI’s team knows how to help my business to grow and keep it competitive

The project implemented by PCI has an important ROI for my business


Overall I'm very sastified with the PCI performed on this last four months

Considering the overall value of the project you paid for, was it a good value and worth about what you paid for it?

Based on your experience with PCI, would you recommend us to a friend

What can we do in the future to increase our received score?

What is our strength ?

What is our weakness ?