Employee Functional Test - Q4 - 2019

All the questions are based on Odoo E-learning Quiz 

Correct answer: +1

Wrong answer: -1

I don't know: 0

You have 25 minutes to complete this functional test

What can I see in the upper right corner on my main dashboard? *

Where can I schedule an activity? *

In which view can I see my pipeline analysis? *

Can I separate leads and opportunity? *

How can I create sections to structure my quotations

Is it possible to set a different price for each variant?

Is it possible to directly create a Purchase Order? *

Which feature should I use if i want an approval process on my Purchase Order? *

How can I add my company's detail (such as the address and VAT number) to my invoices? *

How does the value added tax or "VAT" work? *

What is the purpose of accounts in the accounting? *

How can I easily find the journal entry that has been automatically generated by a validated customer invoice? *

What do I need to do to sell a subscription in Odoo? *

How can I upsell an existing subscription? *

I want a custom message with "Welcome" at the beginning of my bills. How can I do this? *

How can I refund my customers? *

My project contains dozens of tasks and I can't find the one I need by using the search feature (I don't remember its name). How could I avoid this problem in the future? *

Which menu of the Project app allows me to access the timesheet overview, and then allows me to record new timesheet? *

How can I configure my delivery orders to send in two different deliveries or more when I don't have enough stock? *

What is the destinations of products I remove from my stock by manually adjusting my inventory *

How can I see the cost of my manufacturing orders? *

What option do I need to choose on my products so they can be manufactured *

How does a barcode scanner work? *

Linear barcodes are used by Odoo to: *

From where can I manage my website's menu? *

What kind of content can I create from the front-end? *

Do the URLs automatically change for eCommerce ? *

Can I create a promotion program for all my products? *

My company is split into two departments: R&D and Sales. R&D is on the first floor and Sales is on the second. I don't want to use tags just for that information, so what else can I do? *

By default, who's in charge of validating leave requests? *

What does 'Put in Queue' a message mean? *

What do I need to have talks appearing in my event agenda? *

The "company" field in my workspace contains "My Company". What does this mean? *

Now that my Accounting app is integrated with my Documents app, how can I turn my Purchase Orders into Vendor Bills? *

If I want my customers to add their initials to the header of each page of an invoice. What should I do? *

Which feature should I use in order to automatically send signed documents to my Documents app? *