[Engineer] Q1 2019 - Coach/Peer Appraisal


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0 - I don't know
1 - strongly disagree
2 - disagree
3 - neither agree nor disagree
4 - agree
5 - strongly agree

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Final Coach Score
1 - Poor
2 - Lower than Average
3 - Average
4 - Good
5 - Excellent/Outstanding

Petunjuk Pengisian

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4 - Setuju
5 - Sangat setuju

Pertanyaan dengan jawaban uraian
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Skor Akhir dari Coach
1 - Buruk
2 - Di bawah rata-rata
3 - Rata-rata
4 - Bagus
5 - Istimewa

1. Engineer proactively communicates to TL or Coach should there's any changes/problems on the projects/tasks to prevent the risk of clients' dissatisfaction *

2. Engineer shows respect for work and ideas of others (no irritation, dropping ideas without reasons, etc). *

3. Engineer proactively asks for tasks to TL or PM if he/she doesn't have any *

4. Engineer offers solutions when having a problem and keeps working until task is successfully completed. *

5. Engineer follows OCA standard in his/her modules. *

6. Engineer asks/looks for information needed to get things done. *

7. Engineer has appropriate technical Odoo knowledge for his/her position. *

8. Engineer regularly learns and improves skills (the person is getting better/faster/with better results in work). *

9. Engineer accepts feedback from people around and learns from his/her mistakes. *

10. Engineer voices concerns, shares and discusses issues with relevant people. *

11. Engineer follows company processes (relevant to position, based on Guidebook). *

12. Engineer is able work with teams and be oriented towards the success of the project *

13. Engineer is able to learn new things fast regarding company needs *

14. Engineer logs timesheets accurately and by the rules. *

15. Engineer dare to become Technical Leader. *

16. Frequency of Engineer meets deadline. *

17. Frequency of Engineer delivers a complete or good quality job. *

18. Engineer actively listens and asks if he/she does not understand something. *

19. Engineer is a crucial part of the team. *

20. Engineer efficiently shares information and ideas. *

21. Areas in which Engineer are good at: (e.g. QC, Development, Technical Design, etc) *

22. Areas in which Engineer are to be improved fast *

23. Technical Odoo skills in which Engineer is/are good at: *

24. Technical Odoo skills in which Engineer need to learn: *

25. For coach only: mention the amount of salary this engineer should get and explain the reason why he/she deserves to be paid at that amount *

Final score *

Comment or Suggestion for your Final Score *