[Engineering] Self Probation Appraisal

I always delivered my tasks on time *

I always delivered a high quality tasks *

I am happy and motivated to come to work *

I am satisfied with how I communicated to other colleagues *

I have learned new skills/knowledge since the beginning in here *

I have necessary technical Odoo knowledge for my position *

Technical knowledge I mastered well *

I have necessary Odoo functional knowledge in accordance to help my technical tasks *

Technical skills I would like to learn more *

Goals I achieved during probation period *

Activities I am happily did during probation *

Do you have any issue/restriction which makes you unable to work onsite (out of town or onboard) for the next 6 to 12 months? *

My most challenging issues during probation *

What is your next goal? What do you want to improve or achieve? *

Do you think you should pass this probation? Explain your reason *

What is your expectation for yourself in the upcoming 6 months? *

Expected Salary *

Why do you think you deserved to get that level of salary? *

Are you happy to work here? If yes, what would make you happier to work here, and if not, what are the reasons? *

Are you comfortable with your current job as Software Engineer? If not, what is the reason? *

Space for anything you would like to comment *