Functional Test July 2017

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1. Will I always be able to choose my language in my preferences?

2. When importing csv files, if my template has existing ids, will it create entries in the system?

3. Can you define rules for automatic lead assignation?

4. Does Odoo Ecommerce support A/B testing campains?

5. Can I sell stockable goods and deliver them to the customers without any stocks?

6. Can I have a location that doesn't belong to a warehouse?

7. Can I move a product tracked with serial number of location without having to set any S/N

8. A product in an internal location belongs to the location's company

9. I cannot have negative stocks of stockable products

10. I cannot have an unbalanced journal entry

11. I can deliver more units of product than the customer requested

12. I can mix multiple currencies in the same bank account

13. I can restrict the access rights of the main admin user

14. Multiple cashiers can work in the same time on the same POS session

15. I can configure different default units of measure for the purchase and the sale of the same product