Functional Test Q3 2019

Where can I schedule an activity? *

What do the number and the clock in the upper right mean? *

I want my customer to pay 20$ if the weight of the order is over 5kg and 10$ if not. What can I do? *

Is it possible to set a different price for each variant? *

How can I create sections to structure my quotations? *

Other than the purchase delivery lead time, do other lead times exist? *

Can you create reordering rules on service type products? *

Can you create reordering rules on consumable type products? *

What type of document will be the source of a receipt? *

During which step in the process (purchase to sale) do I have to register my serial numbers so they can be added to the inventory? *

What will be the text recorded in the productivity column if I go over the expected duration of my work order *

Which field(s) must be selected on my product(s) and subproduct(s) to automate the process from SO to MO passing through a RFQ? *

How do I record the time spent on an order? *

How Can I restrict who can view specific stage of my pipeline *

I want a custom message with "Welcome" at the beginning of my bills. How can I do this? *

A customer ordered a heated part of pecan pie. What feature can I use to tell it to the kitchen? *

How can I choose my expense product when recording my expenses by email? *

In Odoo, what is the difference between the Bank Journal and Bank Statements? *

What is reconciliation? *

Anglo-Saxon accounting setting is only available in Odoo Enterprise12 not in community *

Explain me by your words the difference between the Odoo Anglo-Saxon accounting and the Odoo Continental Accounting *