Guidebook Test July 2017

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2. There is 1 point for correct answer, 0 points for no answer and -1 point for incorrect answer. 

3. Only 1 answer is correct for every question

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Good luck and may you not need it

1. Debate and constructive conflict or dispute help us to move forward. It is a needed short term pain that makes tomorrow better. We don’t wait to share or highlight issue, even if it is not needed.

2. Today I had a very inefficient day. When I am filling in my timesheet I enter less hours than I actually worked to compensate for my inefficiency.

3. I come to work and I open my kanban “my tasks”, I have 1 task in progress and 1 task in to do. Should I inform my coach now and ask for more tasks?

4. My coach has no feedback to give to me for this week so there is no need for a weekly review.

5. Management have decided to move its office and people to Bali near the beach. I hate it because my family is in Semarang and no one asked me in advance if I want to move. I send a whatsapp or email to all employees to make my concern clear.