HR & GA Test - Q1 2018

1. How many days of personal leaves an Indonesian employee could have in a year? *

2. How many days of personal leaves an expatriate employee could have in a year? *

3. Who can ask for home working? *

4. Explain the onboarding process! *

5. Explain the off boarding process! *

6. Explain what is the procedure on applying business visa! *

7. Could you give ideas how to boost working productivity? *

8. What do you do when you see the attendance of an employee who take so many sick leave in a year? Let’s say 15 days a year, all is a day sick leaves (non hospitalized). *

9. What modules in Odoo which need to mastered by the HR? *

10. Please explain about Port Cities main business! *

11. A group of employee wants to have Indonesian dish for lunch, the other group wants Western food. As HR & GA staff, what is your best solution? *

12. How you manage your workload? *

13. Please mention 5 qualification to be the good HR staff? *

14. What is conflict management? When it’s needed? *

15. What is HRIS (Human Resources Information System)? *