PCS Management Appraisal


Questions with Numeric OptionsĀ 
Fill the score that you think is the most appropriate for the question:
1 - strongly disagree
2 - disagree
3 - neither agree nor disagreeĀ 
4 - agree
5 - strongly agree

Questions with Multiple Line textbox
Put your answers or comments depends on the question

Final Self Score
1 - Poor
2 - Lower than Average
3 - Average
4 - Good
5 - Excellent/Outstanding

I am happy and motivated to come to work *

I am satisfied with my communication to colleagues *

I have learned new skills/knowledge since last semester *

Goals I achieved last semester *

Activities I am happy I did last semester *

My most challenging issues for the last semester *

Things I would like to see changes in PCS *

What is my next goals? What do I want to improve or achieve? *

What was my biggest contribution to PCS during last semester? *

What is my expectation for myself in the upcoming 6 months *

Expected salary *

Why do you think deserve to get that level of salary? *

Are you happy to work here? If not why? and what will makes you more happy to work here? *

Are you comfortable with your current job? If not, could you share the reason? *

About Semarang Office Facilities, can you mention all the things you want to have there to make you more comfortable work there? *

What other activities you want to have in PCS which can boost your happiness? *

Space for anything you would like to comment/advise/complaint/idea to make PCS Management much better? *