Quarterly Coach Appraisal for Lead Engineers

Lead engineer follows task priorities

Lead engineer uses his/her time to deliver results

Lead engineer voices concerns, shares and discusses issues with relevant people

Lead engineer speaks freely about opinions and doesn't keep secrets from supervisors

Lead engineer follows principles and rules of PCI (as in Guidebook)

Lead engineer follows company processes (relevant to position, based on Guidebook)

Lead engineer shows respect for the work and ideas of others (no irritation, dropping ideas without reasons, etc)

Lead engineer puts the company first (he is there for the company, actively looks for ways to benefit company)

Lead engineer has appropriate Odoo knowledge for his/her position

Lead engineer reports work honestly and precisely to project manager

Lead engineer reacts quickly to request or question (based on communication channel used)

Lead engineer communicates effectively: gives context, is specific, uses proper language, keeps it simple, explains what he/she is looking for, ...

Lead engineer shares facts objectively and gives specific examples

Lead engineer asks/looks for information needed to get things done

Lead engineer regularly learns and improves skills (the person getting better/faster/with better results during work)

Lead engineer accepts feedback from people around and learns from his/her mistakes

Lead engineer offers solutions when having a problem and keeps working until task is successfully completed

Lead engineer meets deadlines (10 for all deadlines always met, 1 for never met deadlines in last quarter)

Lead engineer does not deliver incomplete/faulty job (10 for never delivered faulty job, 1 for always delivered faulty job in last quarter)

Lead engineer inspires subordinates and pushes them to improve (through learning, through more demanding tasks, etc)

Lead engineer assigns the right job to his/her subordinates

Lead engineer assures his/her subordinates are productive and deliver quality

Lead engineer follows the rules of task management (10 for 100% well managed tasks, 1 for no task managed correctly in last quarter)

Lead engineer logs timesheets accurately and by the rules

Assign a final evaluation mark you would give to the subordinate and explain reasons why: