Sales Appraisal - Q1 2018

When you’re about to meet the prospective clients, you should do these things below, except: *

Please explain how is PCI’s sales process? *

Please mention at least 5 things which is explained in PCI’s company profile. *

What is ERP? *

Who is our customers? Please explain by categories and characteristic. *

A client from a big company ask for 20% retention from the contract price, paid 2 months after go live. What is your best answer?

How to convince your potential client that ERP is important for their business? *

How to convince your potential client that Odoo is better than other ERP?

Your potential client doesn’t want to pay for BA process. What should you do? *

Your potential client demand to have fix price, what is your strategy to mitigate the risk of loss? *

Your potential client asks for 15% discount from the proposed budget. What is your best answer? *

What makes ERP implementation not succeed which beyond the consultant’s control? *

Mention 3 benefits for the clients to have weekly invoicing! *