Staff Peer Appraisal

React quickly to request or question *

Follow up well his task in an appropriate and timely manner *

Deliver module/work of Quality *

Never deliver bug or imcomplete job *

She doesn't only speak, he actually solves *

Has potential to develop grow with PCI *

She is THE team member required for a successful project! *

Puts company's interest first. *

Represents the company in a positive manner when interacting with customers *

Is interested in developping new skills and to grow as a professional *

Gives accurate and complete answer; actually answer questions. *

Do what is really needed for the company, not only what is easy. *

Respect the companies's rules *

Is someone you feel comfortable approaching to ask for assistance or advice *

Actually useful when he decides to help you *

Never blame other (or absent), accept his responsibility *

Demonstrates respect for the work and ideas of others *

Demonstrates a willingness to listen to what others have to say *

He doesn't hesitate to discuss with his colleagues if a requirement/job is not clear *

Can clearly explain a complicated things with simple words *

Can accept the remark and apply the advices given *

People don't feel judged when speaking to him *

He doesn't systematically complain and keep positive a attitude. *

Never exagerate or lie, fully explain the truth as-is *

Communicate clearly fact and separete from personal opinion *

Always do what he say or commit. *

You feel she is always transparent about his ideas and opinion *