Team Leader Peers Appraisal

01. How do you feel about coming to work every morning? *


02. When was the last 1-o-1meeting with you? *

03. How frequent do you receive such 1-1 coaching session (if any)? *

04. What else are you expecting from such a session?

A good coach organizes frequent one-to-one meeting with every member of his team in order to develop their skills and work abilities.

05. Has your coach enough skills and knowledge to support you? *

06. Is your coach available to help you when needed? *


07. How comfortable are you about asking support to your coach? *


08. If you can't finish your tasks on time, how helpful is your coach? *


A good coach supports his team on technical issues.

09. Does your coach know your Strengths and weaknesses? *

If other, precise:

10. When is the last time that you discuss about your career with your coach? *


A good coach knows his employees strengths and weaknesses, and advise on career development.

11. Your coach explain the requirements clearly and make it easy to understand *


12. Is your coach following daily your tasks? *


13. Your coach explain the reason behind the task, the why? *


14. You know on which criteria your job will be evaluated? *


15. Do you know every day what is your top one priority? *


A good coach explains clearly the job (requirements), goal (purpose) and objectives (key results) to his team. He helps his team to schedule and prioritize tasks.