Technical Test July 2017

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2. There is 1 point for correct answer, 0 points for no answer and -1 point for incorrect answer. 

3. Only 1 answer is correct for every question

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Good luck and may you not need it


2. A customer wants that only sales manager can see button “Confirm” in sales order. How to do it?

3.You need to upgrade module X, but unexpectedly, your Odoo has an error and even you cannot open and login to Odoo. The best solution for this case is ...

4. I have data from purchase order with order date (field order_date) 2017-01-01, then I want to edit it to become 2017-02-02, so I extend write function:

def write(self, vals):
How can I get the previous value of field order date (2017-01-01)?

5. I want to search from res.partner to get all customers with name ABC, from belgium or germany, whose language is not english. Choose the correct domain here:


6. We have a model named sale.order.line. Current situation is that data already reaches 1.000.000 rows. We need to have a total of price_subtotal in a function from the beginning. What is the best way to calculate it?


7. Choose INCORRECT function inside model account.journal (class AccountJournal):


8. I create a module named pci_product and I create a new group user like in the box below. I want this group to only have access to Create and Read to model product.product from module product. Choose the correct row data from ir.model.access.csv:


9. When we call function in python code, if we want to use another user to run/execute that function we can use ...

10. To set default value of fields when user clicks “Create” button, we can’t ...

11. A user wants to change a field's value in a form (but haven't saved the form yet), when he changes other(s) field value. For example field_a is sum of field_b and field_c. What correct decorator can be used?


12. Attribute track_visibility in a field is used to ...

13. The difference between list and set in python is that...

14. The purpose of record rules is to ...

15. Field account payable and receivable in menu customers and vendors can have different values depending on current company. Which type of field is it?