Technical Test - Q1 2018

1. Please check these 3 scripts below. *


 Which is the correct statement:

2. Will this script below working well? *


3. Odoo creates a few fields in all models. These fields are managed by the system and shouldn't be written to. It means those fields will always created. They can be read if useful or necessary. Which one is not reserved field? *

4. A customer ask us to custom Purchase Order form, by adding list of related Customers. *


They will input manually, and want to see Customer Name, Email and phone number of customer. We will create a new field name customer_ids related to res.partner. What kind of relational field will we used?

5. What is correct domain if we want to select products "which are services OR have a unit price which is NOT between 1000 and 2000 *

6. Please check this table xyz. *


What is the result of query below:

select distinct total from xyz x1 where 5 = (select count(distinct total)

from xyz x2 where <=;

7. Check this function below *

def check_access_rights(self, operation=’read’, raise_exception=True):   return operation

If we want to call that function by API with argument:

operation = ‘create’

raise_exception = True

what is the correct syntax:

8. There is possibility to create our own Odoo themes. We can create web interface as we want. The concept will be same as other CMS (Content Management System) like Joomla, Wordpress, etc. It means we will always create script like header.php, page.php, post.php, etc. Its basic concept for all CMS. *

Is above statement correct?

9. There is a requirement to create a new simple module to record object Test Model. We will create new Model name test.model. Check this module structure. *

Is this structure have all things needed when create new Model? 

10. If there is a requirement to make a specific user group only can delete data with specific condition. For example: Purchase / User only can delete draft purchase order with purchase line empty. But Purchase / Manager allowed to delete draft purchase order without condition. *

What is the best practice?

11. Pylint cannot check the efficiency of algorithm. *

12. Can a regular model (models.Model) have relation field relate to TransientModel? *

13. Please check this form view below. *

There’s a requirement to add new field description (Text) on the footer of form view. That form view will have displayed like this:

Choose the correct xpath:

14. For example, we have tree view like this *

A customer want to set color blue to line with total value < 0 (minus value). What should we do?


15. Check this controller file below *


What complete URL need to be typed on browser to see this result.