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1. Port Cities core values are build around Personal Development, Operational Excellence and Ambitious Teamwork.

2. We don’t care about being average as long as the game is fun. Being the best is a nice-to-have.

3. For the One-on-One review we have a survey which should be filled in every time.

4. Employees can share suggestions to management on current Port Cities issues as well as potential ideas to improve the business, collaboration, office, training, etc.

5. The output of appraisal is used by The Partners to promote employees (and increase their salary) as well as by the employees themselves and their coaches to set personal development targets for the next quarter.

1. Book my time I spent on learning for customer tasks on the learning account.

Questions only for Managers, consultants, analysts and all engineers

2. Key Results are intermediary results that help controlling the (monthly) progress made to achieve the project objectives.

3. If the customer requests Lead engineers are allowed to change the scope of a Key Result without the approval of the Project Manager

4. Is it necessary to have a formal approval from the client for each task that is in UAT phase?

5. Code review is optional. The Technical Leader doesn’t need to check the entire code. He is not responsible to verify that the code respects our convention and doesn’t present any risk for the current system AND future improvements.

1. Once a contract has been signed, the customer is considered as “active” and Sales Manager should assign it to the Project Manager which will responsible to deliver the projects sold, managing customer relationship and sell new projects.

Questions for Sales & Marketing, HR and Finance

2. If an employee leaves the company, which one is the following actions DOES NOT need to be taken:

3. An ERP integration is a long term project (=program) where the bigger size of the return on investment will be perceived on the latest phases.

4. Vendor bill are used to book purchase invoices that will be directly paid to supplier.

5. Employee can reimburse the food & beverage bill for meeting with client without approval of manager.