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1. In __manifest__.py we usually call all source related to view, security, and data in a module part data list. A wrong sequence makes failure in new installation of module. Which one of these 3 data list can possibly fail on installation?






4. A customer wants to export data from Customer tree view to an excel file with data being exactly the same as what is visible in tree view. What is the best and effective solution?

5. I want to search from res.partner to get all contacts with name ABC, from belgium or germany, whose language is not english. Choose the correct domain here:


6. We have a model name account.invoice. Current situation is that data already reaches more than 1.000.000 rows. We need to get total amount of invoices for each partner from the very beginning until a specific date. To improve the speed of data retrieval, we better to use query rather than call ORM search function. Which is the correct syntax?




8. I create a module named pci_product and I create a new group of users like in the box below. I want this group to only have access to Create and Read to model product.product from module product. Choose the correct rows of data from ir.model.access.csv:










13. Can we by default create search domain with compute field?

14. This record rule, configured in this way will make user only see Bank Statement of their own company. True or False?