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The Singapore government launched InvoiceNow as a nationwide initiative in collaboration with the PEPPOL network in 2019 to accelerate the pace of adoption of e-invoices among the Singaporean private sector.

Portcities is a Peppol-ready ERP/Accounting Solution Provider that is helping Singaporean companies speed up their invoicing process and reduce operational costs with the electronic invoice integration in Odoo.

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The meaning of e-invoices

An electronic invoice, e-invoice, or online invoice is an electronically delivered invoice with a specific standardized format and requirements. An e-invoice carries invoice data in a structured format that can be sent directly from your ERP system to the corresponding system of your customer. If you are planning to start with e-invoicing it's not enough to send just a PDF through email. The invoice needs to be sent in a format that the system of your customer can read.

E-invoices are not:

  • Unstructured invoice data issued in pdf or Word formats
  • Images of invoices such as jpg of tiff
  • Unstructured HTML invoices on a web page or in an email
  • OCR (Scanned paper invoices)
  • Paper invoices sent as images via fax machines

Benefits of e-invoicing for Singaporean businesses

card payment

Faster payment process

An electronic invoice is usually delivered to the recipient's system in a few minutes, reducing the time required for payment.

time and money

Reduce costs

With e-invoices, you can save a substantial amount of time and money by eliminating paper from your invoicing procedures, by automating the invoicing process.

data security

Your data are secured

Thanks to the PEPPOL secure network, the E-invoicing solution encrypts all the information in your online invoices and keeps your data safe until it's delivered.

rocket boost up

Fuel future growth

Starting with e-invoicing is a great way to begin or advance your business's digitalization, and it is a critical step in ensuring the efficiency and scalability of your operations for future growth.

How e-invoicing works in Singapore

1. Creation of e-invoices in Odoo

After filling in all necessary information, Odoo will generate your invoice and send it to an  IMDAs's InvoiceNow  Access Point (PEPPOL authority in Singapore)

2. Legal requirements

The Access Point will generate electronic invoices that meet all of Singapore's regulatory standards and are in a standardized format.

3. Ready to go

After your electronic invoice is ready and meets with all the requirements, it's sent through the PEPPOL secured network to the buyer's system as well into your Odoo.


Setting up Peppol e-invoice (User guide)

Peppol-Odoo integration helps businesses easily approve invoices and grant payments. Our team created a free user guideline for Odoo and Peppol integration and the processes for customer invoices and credit notes.

Download the PDF or watch the video to integrate Odoo with Peppol.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PEPPOL is a secured international network that allows you to send and receive business critical documents with everyone who is registered as a part of PEPPOL network, in a standardized format. Odoo is one of the software listed on IRAS' Accounting Software Register+ (ASR+). Please visit IRAS corporate website’s ASR+ page to ensure legitimacy.

Infocomm Media Development Authority is a statutory board in the Singapore government that seeks to deepen regulatory capabilities for a converged infocomm media sector, safeguarding the interests of consumers and fostering pro-enterprise regulations.

InvoiceNow — a nationwide E-invoicing method that facilitates the direct transmission of invoices in a structured digital format across financial systems in Singapore, based on the open standard PEPPOL network.

In a usual business scenario today, an PDF e-invoice is sent to the buyer's organisation by email. This requires your buyer to insert manually all the details of the invoice into their own finance system. An e-invoice solution speeds up the transmission of data automatization process, delivering invoices from a supplier system to a buyer system without human intervention.

InvoiceNow e-invoicing is based on the PEPPOL business document standard and operates over the PEPPOL network, allowing enterprises to digitally transact with other linked companies on the Network.

As long as the buyer's business in another country is on the PEPPOL network, you can receive and send InvoiceNow e-invoices.

Yes, InvoiceNow e-invoicing can be integrated to accounting systems. Since we are a PEPPOL ready accounting/ERP solution provider, we have been approved of assisting business users to send and receive e-invoices through the Peppol network.

If you are using another accounting solution than Odoo, please check the PEPPOL Ready solution partner list found at www.imda.gov.sg/einvoice to see if your accounting system is connected.

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