Save Hours Generating Business Bank Statements

Portcities Bank Statement API integration turns hours of manual statement processing into minutes. Fully supported business accounts integrated with Odoo Accounting.

Why Use Portcities’ Bank Statement API Integration?

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  Single click mutation

Generate bank statements with single-click mutation from your business banks. Eradicate any time-consuming processes.

   Automated accounting

Integrate the Bank statement API solution with Odoo Accounting to allow automated and electronic invoicing and follow-ups.

   Batch reconciliation for outgoing transactions

Easily detect errors, cross-check transactions, discrepancies, or fraud and reconcile accounts with the batch reconciliation feature for outgoing transactions.

Banking Statement API Features


Generate business bank statements

With the Bank Statement API, you can access your business statement in minutes and export it as a CSV file or spreadsheet.

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Create dynamic invoices

 When you need to create invoices, never miss a chance to wow your customers. Create dynamic and professional invoices and easily track payments with Bank Statement API.

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Reduce compliance risk

With Bank Statement API, you can produce reliable, accurate, and high-quality financial statements at all times and avoid compliance risks.


Improved report accessibility

Bank statements generation and reconciliation processes may require checks and approval by various people in an organization. However, the Bank Statement API stores data in a central database, making information accessibility easy.

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Control financial process

The integration between the Bank Statement API & Odoo Accounting means you can easily manage recurring bills and expenses and successful automated recording.

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Investigate and resolve discrepancies faster

The Bank Statement API also comes with a batch reconciliation feature for outgoing transactions so you can quickly investigate and resolve discrepancies.

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Reduce operation cost

The Bank Statement API solution allows you to maximize efficiency and your accountant to get work done quickly. This reduces processing time and, in turn, decreases operational cost.

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Better data security

The Bank Statement API is built with robust data security to ensure your business finances don’t fall into the wrong hands. It has bank-grade security.

Generate business bank statements in minutes

Fully integrated with Odoo Accounting and account reconciliation features.

How the Bank Statement API Integration works

   1. Trigger bank statement import 

The authorized person can trigger the Import Bank Statement API button once the registration and detailed input are complete.

   2. Handshake from Odoo to Bank API

Next, a connection is established between Odoo and your bank API once business details are confirmed to be true.

   3. Send mutation data

The API then sends the mutation data to our Odoo to be processed by Portcities Middleware technology.

   4. Process raw data

Once the mutation data is in Odoo, the raw data is then processed into bank statement lines.

   5. Odoo receives the processed bank statement

At this stage, our Odoo has fine-tuned the data and sends the processed bank statement to your Odoo.

   6. Batch reconcile on customer’s Odoo

Batch reconciliation can then be done in your Odoo for you to compare transactions and balances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bank Statement API is Portcities’ solution to help businesses significantly reduce the time it takes to process bank statements. It is fully integrated with Odoo Accounting, meaning businesses have access to automated bills and expense management. It also comes with a batch reconciliation feature for outgoing transactions.

Each business project is different as the organization's size, specific requirements, and other factors are considered. However, a typical project will take 42 days from inception to completion.

Yes, you don’t need to install Odoo before using the Bank Statement API. It is Portcities’ solution to help businesses reduce operating costs and increase bank statements accessibility.

The Bank Statement API solution has bank-grade security, is approved by Bank Central Asia (BCA) and is trusted by other banks and organizations of all sizes.

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