Assets management

Manage your Assets and Depreciation

Assets and depreciation management is an important topic for each company. Odoo enables to accuately and easily monitor this.

A lot of information is already available here.

The below section will focus on PCI's asset depreciation assumptions and will briefly summarize how to configure depreciation entries in Odoo.

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1. Select the Asset Category

Each type of assets can be depreciated at a different pace. By default, the assets depreciation will depend on the asset category. PCI settings are the following:

- Furnitures & Computers: a monthly depreciation over 5 years (i.e. 60 depreciation periods)

- Vehicles: a monthly depreciation over 10 years (i.e. 120 depreciation periods of 1 month)

2. Set the Salvage Value

Salvage Value refers to the remaining value of the asset at the end of its depreciation period. PCI have a prudent approach and consider the Salvage value of all its fixed assets is 10%. This value must be manually calculated and entered  in the 'Salvage Value' Field.

Once the Salvage Value field is filled, you can check the depreciation entries through the 'Depreciation Dashboard' tab (Should you make any changes, you can update the depreciation dashboard by clicking on 'compute' button).

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And... You done!

Save the asset and it will then automatically post depreciation entries at the relevant dates. 

Note: you can also post entries manually before the relevant date.

Should you have to import a lot of assets in one shot, there is a possibility to compute all assets in one time. This can be done through the following menu:

Periodic Processing > Recurring entries > Compute Assets

Odoo will generate then depreciation entries for all assets concerned and for the selected period.